Melbourne, Victoria

I started the Australian leg of my holiday in Melbourne. It was my first visit to this lovely city and enjoyed it loads. I spent new year's eve in the city. They city counsil laid on a spectacular fireworks display. Unfortunately I did not take my camera that evening (yeah! I know dizzy!).

Watching the Ashes

The crowds at Flinders Square were really into their cricket.

Melbourne, the city

The Yarra River is the heart of Melbourne and these are just a few pictures I took up and down along the river.

The Grand Hotel Melbourne

I stayed in this hotel while in Melbourne. It was very centrally located and comfortably appointed, but it was right next to the raiway lines and the noise was enough to drive one crazy!

The Great Ocean Road

One of the high lights of the trip was a bus tour I undertook along the famous Great Ocean Road! Along the way we stopped at Belle's Beach (the first picture below) and had some tea. The road twisted and turned along the coast, going through some lovely little towns. It looks like an ideal place for a summer holiday and lots of people obviously have holiday homes along this coast. We did not stop much, since we were heading to the even more famous Twelve Apostles. although we started at about eight in the morning, we did not anticipate reaching there until late afternoon! It was worth it however, as you will see from the pictures.

These stone columns are just awsome! I could not stop taking pictures. The cliffs are just shear and the colour of the ocean beautiful.

The helicopter flight was optional, but there was no way that I was not going to do that! It was great! I loved every second of being in the air. The view was spectacular from up there.

Back on the ground we drove further and saw some more of this incedible coast from up close.

The last stop was at this formation, called "London Bridge". After this we turned back towards Melbourne and only got into the city after 21:30 that evening. It was a long day on the road, but worth every second of it!

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