the flights

LGW - DXB A330-200 Emirates

On the London Gatwick to Dubai leg, we flew with one of the now older Airbus A330-200 aircraft of the Emirates fleet. This aircraft is still configured with the original Emirates seats. Although they are very confortable, I include a picture from my favourite website.

The flight itself was uneventful. I ate well, as always on Emirates, watched a movie and slept for about two hours prior to our early mroning arrival into Dubai. The most memorable thing about this flight was that it was raining in Dubai! Lots of it! For the whole time (about 3 hours) that I was there!

I had a shower, changed my clothes and then relaxed in the lounge while waiting for my flight to Auckland to be announced.

DXB - MEL - AKL - MEL A340-500 Emirates

The first leg of this flight had a duration of about 14 hours. Most of this time is spent over the Indian Ocean. On this aircraft type, there is no specific meal service in First Class. One rather chooses when and what one would like to eat and it is served in your own very confortable and private suite. See pictures below.

The pictures here were all taken on the flight from Auckland to Melbourne, but since it was the same type of aircraft, it does not matter.

The only diference between the first flight (DXB-AKL) and the later one (AKL-MEL), was that on the first flight, we had little baskets of sweets and crisps sat on the desk in front of the television screen. These came in handy, since I dumped them all in my rucksack and then had things to nibble on while wondering about the streets of Auckland.

A view from the rear of the cabin.

Just look at the size of that television screen and one can also just make out the beautifully, leather bound menu below the screen.

This lovely leather seat can massage you as well as go fully flat.

The thing that looks like a small TV is the touch screen, remote control for everything from the lights, the seat and the television. One can even cloase the sliding doors of the suite by pushing a button on the control. My book is liying on top of a small drinks cabinet, while in front of that is the foldaway table.

Here we are cruising high over the Tasman Sea on our way to Melbourne.

One of the flight attendants was kind enough to take this picture of yours truely. I have a bright red colour from all the sun the previous day (one of the few sunny days in Auckland).

Heading acros the Tasma Sea.

MEL - PER B747-300 Qantas

This was a flight that I particularly looked forward to. I had not flown in one of these aircraft in ages! I specifically booked that flight, since it was the only one that day using these type of aircraft. I did not take any pictures. Don't aks my why, I just forgot to take my camera! The flight lasted nearly 4 hours and I enjoyed it tremendously.

SYD - BKK - DXB - LGW Emirates

The flight back to the United Kingdom was (both legs) in one of the brand new Boeing 777-300ER aircraft. I have often flown in these particular aircraft before. They are very confortable and although they do not have the suites as in the A340-500, the seats are very similar. As always the service was excellent and I ate prawns, lobster and the likes until I could not force myself to eat anymore!

One of the nice things about this flight was the we landed at the brand spanking new Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport. We were once again allowed to disembark. It is a spectacular building and huge! It was after one in the morning and very quiet actually. We only had a very short time to do some site seeing. I was very impressed with the little I did manage to see.

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