Auckland, New Zealand


I started my trip in Auckland, the largest city in New Zealand. Although the weather was not always up to scratch (I even had to buy a pull-over to keep warm in the evenings), it was lots of fun exploring this very beautiful city.

The city is spread over several old volcanic hills and stradles the North Island from west to east coast. There are lots of islands in the Hauraki Gulf.

This is the Ferry Building from where one boards the various ferries that take you all over the gulf.

In this picture one can see the Hilton Hotel, right on the water and a ferry is on its way towards the Ferry Building. There are lots of pictures taken in and around the harbour area. It is lovely here, with lots of pubs and restaurants.

The Pohutukawa trees are amazing and you will see many pictures of them. At Christmas time they are in full, red blossom. I could not get enough of these very beautiful trees.

This wonderful red Bougainvillea I spotted near the gust house I stayed at.

More city scapes with the ubiquitous SkyCity Tower very prominent.

This is a scene along the main street in Devenport, a suburb across the bay.

And some more Puhutukawas in Devenport.

Another major attraction and focal point in the city is the SkyCity Tower. One can do sort of a bungi jump from the top of the tower. Like the woman in this picture did.

In this picture one can see the guide wires that ensures that the jumpers reach the landing spot down below.

The harbour bridge in the background. Not quite the same as the Sydney one, but very popular amongst the locals none the less.

The Auckland Museum in the far background.

Just a reminder that it was Christmas after all. This nice tree was inside the SkyCity Tower complex.

The SkyCity Tower in all its glory!

This is a nice panoramic view taken from the top of the SkyCity Tower.

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